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Meet The Founder...

My name is Amanda, owner of All in Cleaning Services. Thank you for stopping by! I have been an entrepreneur for seven years, 5 of which have been dedicated to running my cleaning business. I am very passionate about helping others and creating a meaningful experience for my clients and staff. When I do something, I do it with all my heart and give it 100%! Apart from running my business, I am a fitness enthusiast and love working out, hiking, and competing in Spartan races! 

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Our Company 

At All In Cleaning, our Mission is to make every client feel cared for through the art of cleaning. It's about a genuine connection with each client, building and maintaining trust, and consistently providing excellent quality service. 

Our team members take pride in their work and care about making our clients feel comfortable and well taken care of. Creating a positive impact and living in alignment with our core values is of the utmost importance to us. We operate with Integrity, Compassion, Communication, and Authenticity.

Contact is for a quote for your home or work space! 


Connect with us for a quote! 

289 685 1918 

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